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A small community with a big mission

San Antonio Mennonite Church


Asylum seekers, escaping violence in their home countries, arrive here frightened, hungry, and alone. We help. We provide them with food, shelter, counseling, and safety; and we help them prepare to live independently.

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We invite you to join us as we walk together, seeking to be formed and sustained by God’s love.

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John Garland is the pastor of San Antonio Mennonite Church, and he approaches his pastorship from the principle that there is “no action without prayer, no prayer without action.”

Our leadership
A young man listening to a woman speaking

We got our start here in Southtown in the 1980s, and we have always worked to protect and assist the weak and impoverished among us.

Our history
An arched wooden door set into the stucco face of a church

We are Mennonites. While there are many variations of Mennonite churches, we all share some distinctive beliefs and principles.

Who we are, what we believe
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La Casa de Maria y Marta is a residence in Southtown that offers food, shelter, safety, and counseling to asylum seekers who have been recently released from detention.

La Casa de Maria y Marta
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Sparrow's Way is a new partner organization that we created to help vulnerable families in a rural, agricultural setting.

Sparrow's Way
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Each Sunday we gather to celebrate and praise, to listen and sing, and to meditate on the Word of God that we have received through the Scriptures.

Our worship service
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More about who we are

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