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The San Antonio Mennonite Church began as a fellowship of service-workers who were responding to the needs of the impoverished, addicted, undocumented and trafficked in our neighborhood in the 1980s. The group met together for prayer and worship in the fellowship hall of the local Presbyterian Church. 

As the Mennonite fellowship grew, and the population of the Presbyterian gathering dwindled, the two groups came to an agreement over the old church building.  The San Antonio Mennonite Church began restoring the beautiful building at the corner of St Mary’s and Carolina St.  Originally built as a Sunday School mission to the german-speaking neighborhood in the 1920s, the quaint stucco structure is full of inspiring craftsmanship and design, with a red-tile roof, beautiful halls and high windows, and a marvelous sanctuary of wood, stained glass and arching ceiling. 

The San Antonio Mennonite Church grew and thrived around the energy and mission of the Voluntary Service workers who moved from traditional Mennonite populations in the North, and local families excited by the beautiful simplicity of Anabaptist theology.  

In the 2010s, the church became more involved in the immigration crisis that was re-shaping our downtown. The church became a founding member of the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, and transformed a neighborhood home into a hospitality house for desperate families–La Casa de Maria y Marta. This work greatly enriched the diversity of our faith community and our many local partnerships.

The San Antonio Mennonite Church now is a faith home for immigrants new to this country, seekers new to faith, weary pilgrims injured by religion, contemplatives, activists, peacemakers, and the hopeful. We’re all going home together.

An arched wooden door set into the stucco face of a church

Our history

We got our start here in Southtown in the 1980s, and we have always worked to protect and assist the weak and impoverished among us.

More about us

Welcome to the San Antonio Mennonite Church

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