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Our Mission

Asylum seekers, escaping violence in their home countries, arrive here frightened, hungry, and alone. We help. We provide them with food, shelter, counseling, and safety; and we help them prepare to live independently.

Caring for those in need

At La Casa de Maria y Marta, we offer a place of healing as we nurture resilience, independence, and spiritual community for the Asylum-Seekers we sponsor.

An “Asylum-Seeker” is someone who has sacrificed everything in their lives–home, career, inheritance, community–to save their children.  They are offered the legal right to prove their case for protection in our country, but during that long process they are extremely vulnerable, without the ability to work, drive, rent, or get a safe start.  

Responding to traumatic violence and loss by welcoming people into a loving community and a safe home has been a Christian tradition since Mary and Martha opened their home to Jesus and his weary band of followers.  We join the movement through the centuries of Jesus-followers who offer nutrition, comfort, prayer, and hope.

Donating to our ministry of hospitality translates into hope and comfort for the most vulnerable.
Recurring donations can change the trajectory of a family's life, allowing us to budget for their transformative support.

Covenant Members of our church can volunteer as language partners, transporters, and care-givers.

Support our mission

La Casa de Maria y Marta is a residence in Southtown that offers food, shelter, safety, and counseling to asylum seekers who have been recently released from detention.

La Casa de Maria y Marta

Sparrow's Way is a new partner organization that we created to help vulnerable families in a rural, agricultural setting.

Sparrow's Way

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