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Donation Options:
At SAMC, we are blessed with a very active ministry. Contributions from members of our community near and far are essential to this work, and any amount you feel called to give is greatly appreciated. Donation options include one-time and recurrent giving to our general fund for church and ministry operations; our Love Fund for Immigrants, which directly supports asylum-seeking families; and our SAMC Love Fund for Congregants, which provides aid to members of our congregation in immediate monetary need.


Ways to Give Financially

1. Make a one-time or recurring donation through PayPal.

2. You are always welcome to give directly by mail. 


Checks payable to San Antonio Mennonite Church.

1443 S Saint Mary's St

San Antonio, TX 78210

3. Donate to a specific fund.

You will have the option to subscribe to one of the following:


SAMC General Fund

[your gift will be used where needed most]

Migrant Ministry

[to support asylum seekers in our program]

SAMC Love Fund for Congregants.

[this money goes directly to long-term community members in need]

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