Our Work with ASylum-Seekers

SAMC is blessed to facilitate a very active ministry. We value a culture of cyclical provision and participation in community, which manifests through multiple branches of work with asylum-seeking families.

We recognize Christianity as a trauma-healing religion. It follows then that our ministry seek to support a hospitable and healing environment for families from various walks of life, including cultures across the world.


At our hospitality house, La Casa de Maria y Marta, we provide a safe and welcoming place to stay, basic necessities, and intentional community to uplift one another on our journeys. We also have a pro bono medical clinic staff on call for asylum-seeking families. For families remaining in San Antonio for extended lengths of time, we offer job training and connections to the Southtown community through Cafe Cotidiano, a cafe serving coffee and a diverse set of pastries/snacks which honor some of our community members' countries of origin.


Supporting Our Ministry

You can become a part of our healing hospitality work by picking up a cup of coffee at our Café. Hours are as follows:

Mon-Sat 7:30a-2:30p, 3:30p-6:30p

Sun 8a-1p

See our Donate page to provide financial support directly to asylum-seeking families through our Love Fund for Immigrants.

In addition, we have many volunteer opportunities available. Please visit the page La Casa de Maria y Marta and sign up for our weekly email to learn more.

Trauma-Responsive Christianity

We must, as Christians, talk more about trauma and trauma-healing because it is at the center of our faith and tradition. At the center of every church, up on the wall is a public human torture device... some Christians even wore that grotesque tool of the human destruction around their neck?


The central ritual of Christian gathering involves the tearing apart of a body and the pouring out of blood! Christianity is about trauma and the healing of the brokenness... on the other side of that suffering is unity with God and with one another.