Our Work with ASylum-Seekers

Our hospitality house for stranded asylum-seekers, La Casa de Maria y Marta, incorporates our understanding of trauma into the care we provide. We run a healing, intentional community offering refugees structure, support, and opportunities to create and sell items at our weekly market. We are also in the progress of creating a longer-term residential community.

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Trauma-Responsive Christianity

We must, as Christians, talk more about trauma and trauma-healing because it is at the center of our faith and tradition. At the center of every church, up on the wall is a public human torture device... some Christians even wore that grotesque tool of the human destruction around their neck?


The central ritual of Christian gathering involves the tearing apart of a body and the pouring out of blood! Christianity is about trauma and the healing of the brokenness... on the other side of that suffering is unity with God and with one another. 

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