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We would love to have you join us. We have a worship service each Sunday at 11 am and have multiple opportunities each week to participate in small groups, prayer circles, and our market.

Sundays at 11 AM

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Talking about the Sabbath... reading Mark 2 and Exodus 20 (the 10 commandments)...
God wants instruments, not competitors
God wants to flow through us, not watch from the bleachers as we try to win gold
God wants us to Trust in grace, not trust in our own power
That is what Sabbath is.
It is training your body and spirit to wait in powerlessness.
It is teaching our spirits trust and faith.
You know how terrifying it is to be just barely getting by
You don’t have the time or the bank account to allow for rest
If you are just barely subsisting, you can’t Sabbath
Unless you have a lot of trust
Trust that a day off won’t mean that everything falls apart
Trust that God will continue using you
Trust that God will continue providing for you
Trust that actually Your life is not about You
Trust that you truly are a human being, not a human doing

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