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We would love to have you join us. We have a worship service each Sunday at 11 am and have multiple opportunities each week to participate in small groups, prayer circles, and our market.

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If you missed the live service catch the video here.


In this 3rd Week of LentContinuing to reflect on the Resurrection Power in our daily lives and the Resurrection promise of our faith… we hear the voice of Christ beside us saying, “Get up, we are going to do this together!” We reflect on how Paul called all the members of the Church “saints,” not because of their perfection, but because of their belonging. To be “saints” is to consent to “belonging” to God… and today we look at how there is no “singular” use of the “saint” … always “saintS”--together.

Today we’ll look at the ending of 1 Corinthians (Chapter 16) and this snapshot of the bustling life together of the early Church.

We’ll watch Sandhill Cranes migrating at the Creech’s farm… and we look at the word in Hebrew for “heart”: לְבַב [lebab]

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