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Your Spirit is not Quarantined

We are on a pilgrimage.

None of this is mapped.

Physically we’re not going anywhere these days... but our spirits are.

We have moments of solitude and hours of frustration, gasps of fear and evenings of quiet, those conversations that heal and those conversations that hurt… we have glimpses of a sun-drenched promise and long nights of hurting.

Here is the way God draws maps:

God puts light at our feet.

(This, by the way, is the most frustrating thing about being a pastor--our job description is based on the concept of the mapless sheep-herder.)

We all have a choice: we can respond to the light at our feet,

or we can make-up a new map with clever routes and insurance plans:

there are a bunch of hucksters selling maps.

The Christian call is live by the light at our feet.

The first Christians called this “The Way.”