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Why do we pray?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Sometimes in the middle of a video call I have an urge to turn the computer away from the wall and share the mess that I’m looking at. I want to say, “Hey, just so everyone knows, this is what my house really looks like. Is this what yours looks like too?”

Neither my house nor my life are anywhere close to perfect. They really never were, but I feel more self-compassion and less shame about admitting that now. I feel like we can all be open about the fact that this is really hard because it is really hard for everyone. No one has been spared. Even if we still have jobs and our health and even if we aren’t involved in the craziness of back-to-school, it is okay to say, still, this is really hard.

Last week, I shared about a prayer practice that we have been trying to do as a family. Here’s the truth: that hasn’t been perfect either. We have mostly done it most days. We mostly just say things out loud and have mostly given up on papers and tidy boxes.

And sometimes, Xavi says in response to each of the three questions, “Blippity bloppity blippity bloppity.”

To which I reply, feeling deeply my parenting failure, “Okay, God understands.”