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What's a papercut banner?

Updated: Feb 20

<<by Melinda Creech (guest blogger for Lent!)>>

I thought I would tell you a little bit about the process of making papercut banners. I was first introduced to the process by reading a book called Spaces for Spirit: Adorning the Church, by Nancy Chinn.

I had been making fabric banners with our church in Houston, but that turned out to be quite expensive. I thought paper would be a lot cheaper. So I began. I usually involved the community in the process. I made banners for churches, weddings, and mission trips. They were large, usually about 3’ x 9’. At first I used photographer’s backdrop paper, but then I discovered I could use Tyvek and the banners would be much more resilient. I helped the youth in our church in Waco make one that hung outside in a tree for about six months before a storm finally damaged it beyond repair.

It’s been great fun. My favori