• SAMC

We are all falling all the time

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Yesterday, as I was driving down the highway, I almost got into an accident. The car in front of me slowed almost to a stop unexpectedly and I hit the brakes a little bit later than I should have, taken by surprise by what I suddenly realized was traffic. Traffic! Remember when every weekday morning and evening the highways came to a stand still?

I wonder if it’s okay to say that some good things, maybe even some wonderful things, have resulted from this pandemic, knowing that many of us have suffered in multiple ways because of it, that it is not over, and that it may get worse. Because the truth is I can see some good things.

Not having to sit in traffic is one of many that I can think of. My kids are much closer to their dad than they were before. I give myself and my family more compassion around everything because I can’t even vaguely pretend anymore that it is possible to accomplish everything or to be a perfect parent. I have spent a lot less time running errands and driving around and a lot more time reading and writing and praying.

This pandemic time has also been transforming for our church. When we could have been discouraged or terrified by change, instead we dug in to this new reality and recommitted to each other. And the Spirit has been working through us and in us and among us as a result.

This week in our LGBTQ group, Hilary mentioned how she felt a sense of loss that we hadn’t been so close before, when we could have actually physically been present with one another. We all spent some time dreaming of the day we would be together again and thinking about how different it would feel, how when we stopped meeting in person we hardly knew one