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Three Crosses and a Pair of Dice: Stations 9 & 10

by Melinda Creech, Guest Blogger for Lent

Station 9

The ninth line of the sonnet is “A final time you fell beneath the weight.” This is the third time in the traditional Stations of the Cross that Jesus fell while carrying his cross.

Threes permeate the story of Jesus’ last week on earth. Traditionally three represents completion. Jesus took three disciples with him to Gethsemane. He prayed three times there in the garden. Three times he returned to his disciples only to find them sleeping. Pilate appealed to the crowd regarding Jesus’ innocence three times before finally washing his hands of the matter and giving him over to his accusers. Peter denied Jesus three times. There were three crosses on Golgatha. Three women went to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body. Jesus was in the tomb three days.

The images on the pane of the banner for the ninth station will again be cross stencils. There is a sample of three crosses at the top of the blog.