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The Wounded Healer

The lemon tree

With its vibrant yellow fruit

And dark green foliage

Hides a menacing secret

Tiny daggers run along the branches

Ready to pierce the skin

Of the unsuspecting hand

That tries to pluck one of its precious fruits

The thorn finds my thumb

As I bend down to clear the weeds

Beneath the shade of the tree

Blood sprouts from the tiny wound

“God heal my thumb!” 

My mind shouts without thinking

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me”

The cries of Jesus rang

As his hands were pierced 

As thorns encircled his head

Did he ask for his wounds to be healed

When he fulfilled his promise to return?

When the fingers of Thomas

Traced the violence his body endured?

Or were his wounds a visual parable

That we do not need to hide

That hope and healing sprout forth

From the holes in our hands

and the cracks in our hearts

An invitation

To be wounded healers

Katie, Pastor of Stewardship

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