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The Beginning: Stations 1 & 2

by Melinda Creech, guest blogger for Lent

Aschbacher reports in her book, Seventy Years in the Kingdom, that when they sold the original Westminster Presbyterian Church building at the corner of Garden and King William in 1927, they retained possession of some of the fixtures, including "all art glass windows."

The church had been built in 1891 and added on to in 1899. It was the first English speaking Protestant church on the south side of San Antonio. In 1927 the church decided to move a little further out, purchasing property at the present location of the San Antonio Mennonite Church.

The education building was built in 1928. The recession and the war prevented the building of the sanctuary until 1948. The sanctuary was consecrated on January 30, 1949 in a snowstorm.

The original red brick church was demolished in 1933. Presumably at th