Spiritual Discipline: Humility

Updated: May 11

This is the second discipline in the series. We will meet tomorrow to talk about how the first discipline practice went and how we are all doing. Or you can just follow along with the blog and reflect on your own. We will look at the next discipline in two weeks.

And I would love to hear your reflections on your humility practice. One day, I will figure out how to get comments on this blog. Until then feel free to email me at or join our small group that meets every other Tuesday at 6 pm!


Humility is an interesting practice for me, as someone who prefers not to be noticed and not to stand out but who also does, like all people, want to feel valued and important, like I have a purpose and a place and something to offer. Calhoun points out in the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook that humility does not mean thinking less of ourselves or denying ourselves the impact of our achievements. Humility requires us to make an honest assessment of ourselves and to stay rooted in our internal being rather than looking at ourselves through the eyes of others. We can feel our value without needing to be valued necessarily by others.