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A Community of Stories

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We are full of stories. Stories of strength. Stories of suffering. Stories of healing. Stories of loss. Stories of faith.

This week I heard each of those stories in individual interactions, in small groups, and in the program here at La Casa. I was struck again by a feeling of gratitude that we have created this space to share with each other and by a feeling of right-ness that this is what we should be doing, a feeling that we are on this path towards a place where we are each known and seen for who we truly are. I have had the privilege to listen and I wanted to share a part of a story that was shared with me by one of the young women staying with us at La Casa.

This story that she agreed to share is just one part of her journey here. You might read it and think, that’s incredible, that’s so much harder than anything I have ever been through. Or you might read it and think, that’s incredible, I understand that suffering. 

Either way, we are all on a spectrum towards leading whole and present lives. We can all grow in our relationship with God no matter where our starting point and we can all move towards wholeness through listening to and learning from one another.