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Becoming Ourselves through Prayer

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

My brain has been busy trying to normalize all of this not-normalcy. I find myself grabbing my mask without thinking before I hop out of the car to go to the store. I forget I have it on and wear it long after I have left. I forget that my partner ever used to not work at home.

My brain has been re-sorting its “things to do” and “things to not do” lists. Someone wearing a mask while waiting behind me at the ATM? Great! Standing close enough to see the photo a friend wants to show you? A little bit scary!

It is exhausting to stay in a state of elevated anxiety with no break and no end in sight so our brains are trying to calm us down. These days, I don’t have so many late nights of pondering about vaccines or my exact risk tolerance or mathematical models that look like Mt. Everest. Now I put those questions in a bucket somewhere labeled, “unanswerable” and leave it at that.

But then there are some moments where the strangeness of all of this hits me and I look around with eyes open at this world we are living in and I think, this is all wrong!

I imagine that for those of us involved in making decisions around the start of school or whose lives have been upended one way or another, this awareness has been a lot harder to ignore. For me, it bubbles up when my daughter asks if she can wear her mask on our evening walk just because it makes her feel a bit safer. Or when one of my housemates recently a