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(Back) to the Bible

After the first few days of trying the new prayer preparation practice (found here), my partner, Nick, asked me what scripture passage he should be reading in conjunction. Feeling like this question is probably pretty high up on the list of, “things that pastors should be able to answer without thinking about it,” I did some thinking about it anyway, then decided it might be useful to share in case anyone else had a similar question.

I have been through a personal journey over the last several years from complete Bible novice to someone who can think of nothing more enjoyable than snuggling on my couch with my 5-pound tome written in the original Hebrew and Greek. Indeed, when we recently reframed our mission statement, I was studying this Bible and came across the word “hesed” in Psalm 89, verse 2.

In Hebrew, this line reads, Olad hesed yibbaneh, which is commonly written in English translations as, “your steadfast love stands firm forever.” But I found a different translation from a Rabbi of this line written as, “the world was built on your steadfast love.”

I looked at the individual translations of each word. Hesed is roughly translated into English as “steadfast love.” Yibbaneh can mean “is firm” or “stands upon.” Olad can mean “the ages” or “forever” o