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A Reflection Response by Celeste

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I asked Celeste to respond to the reflection for this week since this is her area of expertise. Here is her response. Thanks so much, Celeste!

Be present to this moment, trusting and willing to learn in the process of unknowing-holding hope that something good is being created out of darkness and chaos.

The sermon and reflection serve to validate my experience this week as well as a solid and lived theology for suffering which I encounter daily in my work. And I read the Reflection in the bulletin realizing I was experiencing my own suffering, in the middle of knowing nothing, and yet imperceptibly guided by an inner voice, and a child’s voice.

It surely reflects our felt suffering this week crying out the Psalms to God to help us, to save Rachael’s life, to sit with not knowing what is happening-while trusting the nudges of the Holy Spirit within for the next right thing. It’s being completely overwhelmed and vulnerable, stripped of our ability to fix or make things any better, turning to many to please pray…. acknowledging and receiving help with errands... meals...all very humbling. Yet in sharing our suffering, we feel deeply connected to others, recognizing the healing Christ In the ministrations of our family, the faith community, in the Doctors and the hospital staff.

On one of those days this past week when feeling super tired from round the clock care I snapped, grouching at my husband. My granddaughter took me aside saying, “Can I talk to you for a minute?" She then proceeded to tell me that when I’m angry instead of taking it out on grandpa I need to first “Breathe” than to tell God how I feel, and after you talk to God, go tell Papa you need to take a rest, and then go rest until you feel better.”

And a child shall lead them. It all made sense to me and provided grace for that moment...and the next and so I can simply Trust the Process moment by moment.

by Celeste Miller, MA, LPC

Bereavement Counselor,  Porter Loring Mortuaries 

& Private Practice in Grief, Loss, & Life Transitions

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