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A Prayer to Never Know

I pray I never know the right words to say

When a family is separated by unjust immigration policies

I pray I never know how to respond

When a woman shares her experience with violence

I pray I never know how to breathe

When a child says they spent the last year walking from Brazil to our border

I pray I never know how to transform tears into smiles

Or how to lighten a heart in despair

I pray I never know

Because if I knew

Then what God would I need?

I pray I never know

Because then each story

Would lose it’s humanity

And each face

Would lose its image of God

And each conversation

Would be a test of patience

Until I could speak

And solve all of their problems

So yes

I pray to never know

Because in the unknowing

We are given the gift of listening

Of feeling

Of watching for the Spirit

Waiting for her to move

And transform

Waiting for her to remind us

Our human hearts

Cannot save ourselves

by Katie Best Richmond, Pastor of Stewardship

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