Our partner, the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative,  offices out of our church building full time to combat domestic violence, and host programs for both victims of domestic violence , offenders, and their families.

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We partner and share space with the Conjunto Heritage Taller, a community-based organization dedicated to the preservation, instruction and perpetuation of traditional Conjunto music offering low-cost accordion and bajo sexto classes to the community.

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The Migrant Center is a partner who offices out of our building, offering legal representation to refugees in detention. Volunteers are encouraged to help with their work, connect with refugees, and offer translation services.

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We are shifting the narrative of coffee culture in the US by having a team comprised completely of asylum seekers who bring their own cultures and flair to every single cup.

All proceeds will go directly to families seeking asylum to provide them with financial support, housing, food, medical care, job training, and legal counsel.

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1443 South St. Mary's

San Antonio, TX 78210

Pastor John Garland

(956) 342-3581

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