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Thursday: Communion

How can be move past our fears and shame into unity with God and each other?

What if shame and fear united forces and became Revulsion? How do we move past that? 

Our mysterious ritual of Communion guides us as our horror is transformed into unity with God forever.

Audio Postcards

Prayer and Hearing
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Teach your body the vocabulary of prayer through the ancient practice of repeating sacred phrases with the rhythm of your breathing and actions.

This is modeled over and over throughout the Psalms (the Prayerbook of the Bible).

Today's prayer is from Psalm Psalm 116:10, Psalm 119:66, and Mark 9:24


"Hear the Story"

Mark 14

read with some commentary and a little explanation.

Jesus is anointed, and then we see a mysterious dinner ritual, a betrayal, an intense garden prayer scene, and arrest, a ridiculous courtroom, a denial, and the dark night.


5 I believe, Help my Unbelief
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Mark 14
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the mystery of "Communion"
the posture for "Transformation"

How do we embrace unity with one another and God?

Communion–lets face it–is both mysterious and gross.
Jesus is describing his own body ripped apart, and then blood poured out, and then invites us to come and eat. 

As humans, we have to be revolted by the ritual.
Just as God is revolted by the evil we let take over our hearts.


We sit at a revolting table together, us and God. The table is set by evil and covered with trauma.

We are asked to look closely at the hurt and brokenness. We are asked to partake in it–to eat it and make it a part of our own bodies, and in so doing, we participate in the transformation.

The Communion ritual is about being with God to participate in the digestion of evil and the transformation of trauma into unity.
To get there, though, we have to get over the revulsion.
Revulsion is the combination of fear and shame.  (These are the two things that God banishes, so they team up to try and keep us away from healing).

One of the most powerful counters to revulsion is a desire for transformation. If we hold ourselves in a posture for transformation–that is, if we step into hard or even impossible situations with a desire to be transformed into great unity with God–we will receive transformation.


We will feel revolted by others, by ourselves, by suffering, and by death. But we can step into each of these situations (yes, even our own deaths) with the posture for transformation, and then each of these experiences become communion with God. 


God is with us through shame and fear and whatever they can concoct. God is with us through horror. God is revolted with us, but continues steadfast in transforming love, and we bind ourselves into that transformation. We choose communion.

Mystery and Posture
Evening Examen
Evening Examen for Maundy Thursday
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An Evening Examen

Seeing yourself well

Choosing to receive wisdom

Leaning into God

Follow along with this printed Examen

Seeing your gratitude

Seeing your stresses

Seeing yourself in the power of God

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