LEnt Day 2: Psalm 8

At the end of a scary week of fragility and vulnerability, we pause to reflect in this season of Lent on our mortality and our promise... we pause to listen during these 40 days for the voice of Jesus, and particularly through the Prayerbook Jesus loved and used: the Psalms.

These 5 scrolls were collected and edited together by enslaved and exiled believers in Babylon, so we need to hear these prayers as cherished through suffering.

These prayers were also quoted, referenced, and lived-out by Jesus, so we can hear the voice of the Messiah too. Christians from the beginning of the Church understood the Psalms to be written about, for, and even by (through the Holy Spirit) Jesus the Christ (Yeshuah the Messiah).


The Psalms were written in Hebrew, a bold act of resistance to the loss of language and faith in the Exile in Babylon. Here I point out Hebrew root words, mainly to show that the power of these ancient prayers goes way beyond our power of understanding:)


New prayer uploaded each day at 3pm this Lent.

Ash Wednesday

In a scary week of fragility and vulnerability, we pause to reflect on the beginning of Lent, our mortality, and our promise... and our opportunity to listen these next 40 days for the voice of God.

For the next 4 weeks, join at 3pm for another prayer from Jesus' prayerbook, the Psalms