Our History

The San Antonio Mennonite Church building originally began as Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Westminster Presbyterian Church rented space to the early Mennonite Church.  A few years later, Westminster ceased to be, and the departing Presbyterians sold their building to the Mennonite Church.
Currently listed as a significant landmark by the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation, our building reflects a traditional Mediterranean style, with white stucco, a red tile roof and wood-framed stained glass windows.  It sits on a main artery of the city, which connects downtown to the famous sixteenth century Missions on the south side.  

The historic King William neighborhood surrounds the building, originally settled by German immigrants in the early 1900s; the neighborhood contains some of the most beautiful old homes in the city attracting a recent influx of artists and entrepreneurs. 

Since its inception (or perhaps because of it), San Antonio Mennonite Church has been focused on Service.  Our building is shared by non-profit organizations that combat domestic violence, minister to people struggling with addictions, provide wellness activities for community-based workers, and educate young children.  Congregants have been heavily involved in Habitat for Humanity (a former pastor was on the initial organizing board), Mennonite Central Committee (working in developing countries such as Nicaragua and helping restore communities in the U.S. after natural disasters), D.O.O.R. (a short-term volunteering experience housed in our building), RAMP (home repair and modifications for elderly), and the Interfaith Welcome Coalition (which helps refugees recently released from federal detention facilities).  Many of our members have worked for Catholic Charities (in refugee resettlement, early childhood education, anti human trafficking, and elderly volunteer programs).  Others have worked for RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), providing legal aid to asylum seekers.

Our theology centers on the life of Jesus, and living as He would want us to live.  We value peace, service to others hospitality, and humility.  In line with these beliefs, we rent or have rented our building at below-market rates to community partners, such as: The P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, Narcotics Anonymous, Center for Formative Action and Reflection, D.O.O.R. San Antonio, A Preschool Co-Op, Conjunto Heritage Taller, and the Interfaith Welcome Coalition.  San Antonio Mennonite Church is subsidizing nearly $300,000 of services by providing space and volunteers to these nonprofit agencies.