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Usefull Websites for Climate Change as well as Water

posted Jan 2, 2017, 8:28 AM by Joseph Cook   [ updated Jan 21, 2017, 4:38 PM ]

I find these websites usefull to keep track of what I consider useful measure of impacts of climate change as well as what is happening with water levels in the west- about 40 million people in southwestern states depend on water levels in Lakes Powell and Mead and snowpack and reservoir levels in California are important for agricultural, urban and industrial uses.   - Water levels for Lake Mead – Nevada – normally updated daily  - Water levels for Lake Powell – Nevada – normally updated daily -  A blog with lots of information on Arctic Sea Ice volume- the monthly updates usually are done a week or so after the month is over-  provides some excellent visuals on sea ice voume also look at the heat accumulated by planet earth on the right -  A link that is updated normally daily for CO2 readings at Mount Moana Loa- also has links to many other greenhouse gases that are accumulating in the atmosphere - another option to look at sea ice extent – if link is not open for a particular area click on it to open - A link updated normally daily on reservoir levels in California- it is important since so many people in the state depend on this water and this year the rain and snow may eliminate a 5 year drought - A link on snowpack in California Sierras normally updated during weekdays- note that last readings have significant snowpack – concern would be a warm weather system coming in dropping heavy rains on the Sierras leading to significant flood risks – this has happened in the past with catastrophic effects